Water Softeners

Hard water can affect your home and health in many ways. For one, it can leave unsightly stains on your plumbing fixtures. Similarly it can affect your skin and hair, making it dull and dry every after you take a shower. Fortunately, All Pro Plumbing has a solution for you.

Hard water is a result of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium that have made its way to your water supply. But with the installation of water softeners, the water entering your home is passed through a process that exchanges the calcium and magnesium ions for potassium and sodium ions. This overall process eliminates harmful minerals from your water and leaves you with clean softened water.

At All Pro Plumbing, we can help you choose the best unit for your home and install it perfectly. Our plumbers have extensive knowledge of the different brands and models of water softeners, ensuring you professional service and quality result. In addition, we can also help maintain your water softener system to stave off high costs for repair or replacement in the future.

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