Slab Leaks

When something is leaking from your piping system, you might assume you would know right away. However, that is not always the case with slab leaks. Slab leaks occur in a pipe that runs behind a large slab of concrete. Since the water leaking out of the pipe cannot seep straight through the concrete, it runs along the surface of it or pools behind it until it finally reaches a place where it can get through. That means that you could have a slab leak for quite some time and be unaware of it. It also means that while that water is sitting there, it can be doing a great deal of damage to whatever structures are nearby.

Finding a slab leak without dismantling your property requires a thorough process and technical expertise of All Pro Plumbing. Using non-invasive modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment, electromagnetic pipeline locators or video pipe inspection, we can perform state-of-the-art underground and slab leak testing without compromising the beauty of your home. Once located, we are also equipped to perform repairs immediately, saving you time and money.

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