Leak Detection

If a water leak isn’t detected quickly it has the potential to cause greater and more expensive damages. The key is to quickly solve the problem before your tiny leak becomes a river of regret.

We, at All Pro Plumbing, offers cost-efficient leak detection services to save you valuable money and time. We pride ourselves on being amongst the most knowledgeable, well-trained professionals in the plumbing industry. Equipped with state-of-the-art leak detector devices, we can help locate sewer, drain and plumbing leaks in both walls and concrete slabs with minimal disruption to your property.

Moreover, we do not solely focus on locating your leaky problems, we also provide solutions. Aside from leak detection, we also provide leak sealing and repair. Our leak repair services are supported by a staff of on-call professional plumbers equipped with the proper tools and training, and dedicated to help prevent your money from dripping down the drain.

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